About Us

Connect Blue Technologies.

Defence Manufacturing

Connect Blue Tech is a highly reputed Defense Manufacturing Company Design company that offers services in custom Electronics Design & Wiring Harnesses, PCB Layout Design, Mechanical Design, Iota Product Design, Embedded Systems Design,Embedded Software Development, Automated SMT Assembly, Industrial, Automotive,

Defense Manufacturing, Testing and Box build services, Prototyping & Electronic Manufacturin Services, App Development covering a wide area in the electronics domain. Present working on Anti Submarine Warfare Console for Defense System ATM based Integrated Shipboard Data Network.

Vending Solutions & Manufacturing.

Connect Blue Solutions also specialise in the distribution of coffee vending machines and even undertakes the design of the machines according to each individual client's requirements. They specialise in the design of all types and models of coffee vending machines for corporate offices. Range of products & machines to suite your expectations and price range. Value adds through kiosk module with beverages and snack offering. Overall cost reduction module available for clients – through a mix of bean to cup, fresh milk and premix solutions. Pan India service offerings under one management. Strong association with multi-national brands of product supplies and machines – viz, lavazza (Italian brand)

Connect Blue Founders .

The founders at Connect Blue felt the need to create a platform where new and upcoming professionals could enhance their careers, learn about new technologies and scale to new heights without having to change companies or face an uncertain future. The team members at Connect Blue derive their greatest satisfaction from helping their clients succeed, and are passionate about contributing to the continuous improvement of the communities in which we live in and work. Connect Blue Technologies has been extremely successful in bringing innovative solutions with their comprehensive ‘Service Solutions’ approach and have never failed to delight clients by positively impacting them on a different level. Connect Blue has connected with people, processes and infrastructure with a focus on measurable outcomes.

The Team

Apart from ensuring high-quality service, the dedicated and experienced team at Connect Blue Technologies will work hard to ensure that clients are motivated and can focus on their business activities. Through their powerful and meaningful motto – “Trust is what we call friendship”, they believe that they can contribute to the performance of a businesses’ clients. Their highly-experienced team are seasoned in handling complex client issues and have HR knowledge in handling difficult clients. The team members have a deep-rooted desire to provide easy and workable solutions after understanding the client’s business objectives and specific market conditions. Two strong core values - Trust and Empathy, form the basis of all their client interactions, and the team ensures total customer satisfaction throughout the professional journey while building a long-lasting and strong relationship with each and every one of its customers. Their tagline – “Delivering on the Experience” is the basis behind everything that the team at Connect Blue Technologies does when it comes to client servicing – they aim to deliver to their clients a customer experience like they have never had before. They believe that once you have had the Connect Blue Experience, you will not want to go back. .